primary 7

primary 7
Spoilers for the 19:30 episode of Coronation Street on Monday 9th April
There was a large forest fire in Dumfries and Galloway
All About What Makes A Good Comment
The Coca-Cola Truck Came to Dumfries!
Check out Random Episode 10 (surprises inside)
Why I want to be in the mole team!
We interviewed some people about Mother's Day!
In this podcast, I look at the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos. Please have a listen and have your say by voting in my poll!
Once you have read this report, please vote on my poll so i can find out what you think.
Here are some arguments on whether or not the Council should spend less money on things like fireworks. Have a look and then have your say by voting in my poll!
This essay will find out why people believe that the world will end in 2012.
This is my essay where i investigate whether or not Doctor Who should change the actors.
12 out of 15 children in p7 said they like free range eggs better and buy them in their weekly shop. However caged hens produce more eggs and this technique has been used longer. In this essay it will explore the pros and cons of should hens be caged?
Big Brother is a very good show on the TV. But being in the Big Brother house for a long time can make or break people; most of the time it breaks them. So should Big Brother be banned on TV?
97% of children in primary 7 say that children should have to wear school uniform. The other 2% say that children shouldn’t have to wear school uniform. This essay will investigate if children should have to wear school uniform or not.
I'm discussing whether animals should be kept in zoos - have a listen to the pros and cons, and don't forget to vote in my poll!
Over 10 rabbits die a day after being shot. However some people believe it is ok to kill animals as they can be used for medicine. I am going to investigate “should hunting be legal
60% of P7 children would rather have an X Factor audition with an audience, however the other 40% would prefer to have their audition with the panel of judges only. This essay will investigate should the X Factor auditions have a live studio audience?
This essay will investigate should trees be cut down? What do you think?
One study showed that 97% of children play computer games all day in the U.K. Also scientist believe that video games can harm your brain cells. This essay will investigate should kids play computer games all day?