8th May 14 15:44
I found this and it is really cute
1st May 14 15:58
I like Makewaves. I am still learning what to do.
28th Feb 13 18:10
My dog is so cute she can run really fast love her and she is a husky . Her name is zeeva.
26th Feb 13 20:59
On 25th February 2013 I went on football tournament with my friends to represend the school and it was fun. The tournament was in Cupar. We played against Torbain Primary School and St Pat's Primary S...
9th Dec 12 18:27
I'm going to Lapland on Saturday 15th December!It is the home of.....wait for it.........SANTA!It is my first time on an aeroplane so i'm slightly scared but hey who cares.Ok not much did I like the ...
28th Nov 12 14:08
Me and some class mates made a battery with two potatos. We used metel copper and zinc. plates. We put a black wire on the copper and the red on the zinc. We got the light bulb to light. it was lot...
6th Nov 12 18:06
Rudy is my special dragon. He is really big and a powerful dragon. His birthday is on July 1st and I always celebrate it. His wedding was on October 30th and it was so fun, he got married to Ruby. Eve...
8th Oct 12 11:32
Well I had the surgery done on 19th July. I was very scared and when it came to the sleepy medicine I was crying and it was so painful when they stuck a needle and a tube in your hand.
29th Sep 12 15:24
On Friday the 28th September 2012 my rabbit Baxter died. I was so upset I could not look at grandad burying him.
12th Sep 12 18:39
Did you know?FACT1Dogs are treated like kings. They can go anywhere. They even have their own pools!FACT2 There are more football fan clubs in Germany than anywhere else