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the amazing film

The amazing! Film by Aidan gibbons is so what fabulous !The piano has no dialogue although through the use of colour and dynamic music the mood of the piece is clearly set as the story unfolds.

The film is set in two different locations they have dim and bright colours the first setting is in a pitch dark theatre the next scene is in a army war .

Gibbons main character is the old man but the old man came to the piano and he was unhappy because his wife died and he is sorrowful because the flash back and he couldn't save his friend .

Be prepared to come out on the gloomy stage with the grey grand piano with one single spot light with the man sliding his fingers along the piano.

I think you should watch it because it is caring and loving but a bit sorrowful and it is nice when the little boy got the present because he could be surprised. by drama queen 01
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