The Archbishop Visits Our School

by Adam

Archbishop Visit
Archbishop opens St Lawrence Academy
The Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams) visited the St Lawrence academy on Tuesday 14th October 2008.
It was honour to have him come and see our school.
The Archbishop was pleased with our new school and impresssed with the amount of ICT equipment we have and how the students use it.
The Archbishop was also impressed with the school and the smart uniforms, displayed by the year 11 prefects who formed a line of honour to meet him.
Watch the clip and it will tell you what happened when the Archbishop of Canterbury visited the academy, along with an interview that Teresa Bishop did with the Archbishop.
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Rowan Williams with Mrs Barnes (Principal)
Archbishop talking with the students
Archbishop with the students in class
Bishops in the class room
Archbishop in PE looking at the climbing frame
Archbishop with Prefects & Mrs Barnes (Principal)