benny and his dream job

what will it be oohhh what will it be

As usual benny wasnt paying attention in class today. He was to busy daydreaming about his dream job he came up with the craziest of things like an oder tester, pet detective, proffesional whistler, rodeo clown, or make money off of the world record for being totally mischevious but he finally came up with his dream job ....... a chocolate cake tester or..... tanshalls mascot but i have a feeling he wants to be a cake tester though! hehe he got in a bit of trouble hehe haha. He wants to have a job when he grows up well he'll have to grow up first duh hehe!
Benny went for a copule of job interviews but unfortunetly no one wanted him (awwwww). But hes got chance at the world record i think he'll defenetly make it. Yesterday he put cream all over my work and i got in troboule for it hes pure evil well thats what i thought until he apoligized! But hes still very mischevious but will benny ever get his dream job stay tuned to find out!
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benny you havent started the job yet
hi ya all
mmm dream job what can it be mmmm