June's Doodle Competition!

Try your hand at some word art and write your name in a funky font for the chance to win some prizes!

Word art was featured in my last doodle, can you do any kind of word art?

If you think you can, please read on...

This weeks competition is to write your name in the most interesting and creative font possible. The entry must either be hand drawn, or drawn by mouse on a computer program - No using ready made fonts!

Entries which are clearly created by a word processor or another font program will be disqualified!

You may jazz up your font however you like, by using colours, textures, shapes, and any other creative ideas.

Scan your pictures in or take a photo with a camera and upload them to your blog. Then, let me know you've entered by leaving a comment below.

You can enter as many times as you want.

The winner will be announced at the end of June and will be featured throughout the Fife Network. You will also receive a custom made profile picture!

Good luck!

Example of some word art to help you:

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