Language Work

Language Work
We made an animation during our Computer design & Technology Week
We made this animation as part of our Computer, Design & Technology Week
Competiton notes for Primary 7
Dig for Victory powerpoint
This group is made up of : Stuart Binyon, Alasdair Cuburthson Suthall, Cameron Mc Master and Matthew
This video was made by Adam Gammie, Euan Calder ,Mikey Walker, Isla Rust and Yasmine Parker
The Primary 4&5 s went to Pictavia as part of their Picts & Scots topic
We are studying the Picts with Mrs Paterson. We found out some exciting information about the Picts
Mrs Ritchie visited the Primary 6 & 7's.
We were in a competition with 12 other schools and we didn't lose one game
We all dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl character and raised money for charity
P7s from Guardbridge, Largoward and Strathkinness went to Nethy Bridge for two nights...