Wales Residential 08

Wales Residential 08
What have we enjoyed the most from the Residential?
Find out who was brave enough to go down the zip wire!
As part of the survival activity we had a competition to see who could make the best shelter out of wood we found in the forest. It had to be big enough for our team to fit in and protect us from the weather.
Our team go caving. It was a really tough activity - it was dark and we had to fit through really small holes! We had to work together as a team to make sure everyone survived...
As part of the team building activity we had to work as a team to balance a giant see-saw using just our body weight. It required alot of communication and good team work. Find out how we got on...
Here it is! This is a video summary of the entire two days showing some of the activities and more importantly interviews with some of the streetgames volunteers!
An overview of our first day
We interviewed the group to see what activities they were looking forward to on site.
Young volunteers from Streetgames interview MP's and Sports Stars at the Cooperative Fringe Event at the Labour Party Conference
An exclusive interview with John Downes- National Fieldwork Manager