Just For Fun :-) jokes etc

All sorts of things that make us laugh!

Watch our cleaners get down and boogie to 'your the one that I want'
Our Dinner ladies ditched their uniforms and came out to play for the last Tanshall Show.
Watch all the staff having a laugh for the last Tanshall School Show.
This is all about Pikachu
Hope u enjoy my picture
The're quite good
I have been to Leslie and am currently in Tanshall!!!!!!!
My avatar is Santa
The bon appetit horse
Also known as the time to wrap up in cosy clothes
The alphabet backwords
These pictures aren't mine i found them on google
Enjoy this there will be more. :)
This is a nice ice story for the little ones and for big children and anyone who wants to read this
here is my power point of funny animals
Ukelele's and P6 is about P6 this year is my class and we have been learning to play something new!!
do you believe in the loch ness monster?
I have 20
just for fun
Things that make us laugh!
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