Prefects Page

Prefects Page
2016-2017 Prefects
It is national Science week today! I'll tell you all about it!
Filmed by Tony, Josh and Henrique
2015 Christmas service for year 7. Filmed by students in 7T
Remember those that gave up thier today so we could have a tomorrow. By Oliver, Tony and Ashraf
Filmed by year 8 students Ashraf Rahman, Umar Farooq and year 10 students Ikra Parvez, Thomas Saxby and Przemyslaw Koperski
By Levi Whipham
The staff at the academy, wish you every sucess in the future
this is my simpsons menu
Sonia's prizes include a half day literacy workshop for her class and a trophy.
Photos and videos by Mr Drinkall and Mr Bower