Student Achievement

Venture Goes Colourful!
Will Venture achieve even more success?
A succesful win for Create
Ormiston Ventures Suscessful Union does it again
coming soon to Ormiston Venture Academy...
Year 9 G & T trip to Lowestoft Sixth Form College.
what I think...
ate the mozilla festival i designed a badge, and here is how to earn it!!!
It's only a matter of time before he has his own show...
Students visit our diary room
Triumph Triple Challenge championship at Oulton Park
come join now!
a surprise assembly for unsuspecting students.
The following article has been taken from
We all love a frozen treat especialy the ones we don't pay for
Created via the App
The group of year 7/8 go to Norwich for a football tornement
Great Yarmouth County Hall
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