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Site Posts
Why I think you should #VoteCam
Such an amazing netball season for all year groups for players of Ormiston Venture Academy
Messi's magic and Mourinho mess up!
Can you complete the 16 before 16 challenge?
A group of year ten students got the opportunity to visit a London theatre to watch a well known performance!
Vinny, our new mascot leading Venture through 2018!
The 2018 UK Youth Parliament elections are upon us...
One lucky Venture student has been offered the 2018/19 Gresham's Scholarship...
Our Year 11 team took part in a tournament with 4 other schools.
Harry Webb is interviewed by students about the 2017 election
Venture has elected its new Union Executive Board for 2017/18.
2 long journeys, rain and a trophy...
Did Venture Win?
Alongside the current Gresham's Scholarship - just awarded to Tiah-Paige Davie - students...
Recently, three students from year 10 took part in a debate at Great Yarmouth Town Hall
One lucky Venture student has been offered the 2017/18 Gresham's Scholarship...
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