Whiston Through Art
A gifted artist talks us through the process of drawing.
IT WAS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ten of our Year 5 and 6 children met with Howard Pressman from Radio Sheffield, listen to what they had to say.
Who likes sport? who doesnt?
The Cube
Find out my prediction and stuff about Barcelona V.s. Real Madrid.
vote for your favroute team
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14th Oct 10 09:09
For the last 6 weeks Y5 have learnt loads of new cool stuff about radio waves. A man called Richard taught us 6 different things that none of the year 5’s knew. He taught us about audacity. On audacit...
14th Oct 10 09:13
For the past 6 weeks me and my class, Y5, have learnt new stuff about radio waves and here is my blog all about it. While we have been learning someone from radio waves came called Richard, he taught ...
14th Oct 10 09:22
Radiowaves Radiowaves is fun interactive.you can chat to your friends; it is awesome. Pod casts are amazing because you get to write the script then record it put it on audacity then radio w
14th Oct 10 09:15
The first day Richard came round to help us on audacity and showed us how to make a pod cast and more. The good part was that we messed around with audacity and me and my partner were putting wraps on...
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